"Best Pho in town"

Warm colors on walls and tables mix with bright photos of the Vietnamese countryside to give this simple corner restaurant a cozy style not often found in strip mall restaurants. While a fair amount of takeout business creates bustle by the door, it's still possible to have a delicious, relaxed meal. Pho is available with chicken, tofu or several cuts of beef, or experience the fun of assembling your own fresh rolls with the Khay dishes.

by Contributor of Citysearch
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"The best food on the menu is the Tangerine Tree Special"

Tangerine Tree has become one of my favorite non-splurgy restaurants in Capitol Hill. Meaning I can treat myself to dinner weekly and it costs the same as if I cooked a simple chicken dinner at home. Not much stuff on the menu costs more than $10 each for generous portions...

by Wei F from
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